Our Speakers

Alejandra Garcia


SVP Global Procurement

Elevating's Procurement's Impact Through Business Partnering and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Making procurement an integral part of company strategy through business partnering.
  • Deliver real impact to business.
  • Boost stakeholder and team engagement.
Alejandra Garcia Photo DSM Logo

Mauricio Odovaine


Head of Outsourcing & Sourcing

AI's Transformative Role in Procurement Practices

  • Utilizing AI algorithms to identify and onboard diverse suppliers contributing to supplier diversity goals.
  • Enhancing supplier discovery processes through AI-powered data analysis and predictive modeling.
  • Exploring how AI-driven predictive analytics can optimize demand forecasting, reducing inventory costs and supply chain risks.
  • Exploring AI's ethical impact in procurement, addressing biases and risks while ensuring transparent, fair, and accountable processes in compliance with European regulations.
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Jorge Alberto Mendez

Hitachi Energy

Head of Procurement Indirect Materials & Services

Digital Front End and AI as an Enabler for SCM Transformation

  • Digital front end transforming SCM service catalog.
  • Transformation practical roadmap.
  • AI and the shared service centers future.
  • AI is not the first option, there are other. solutions.
  • AI will not replace humans but collaborate hand to hand.
  • Actual used cases for AI in procurement.
Jorge Alberto Mendez Photo Hitachi Energy Logo

Benjamin Zeidler


Senior Director – Business Development DACH

Future-Proofing Your Procurement Strategy: Navigating Workforce Solutions with MSP/VMS Solution

  • MSPs in talent management: Addressing labor shortages and strategic talent sourcing for long-term business goals.
  • Efficiency and savings with VMS: Streamlining procurement, enhancing visibility, and achieving cost savings.
  • Vendor neutrality vs. non-neutrality: Analyzing the impact on procurement strategy, supplier diversity, and cost-effectiveness.
  • MSPs vs. staffing agencies: Highlighting MSPs' role in compliance, risk management, and strategic category management.
  • Direct sourcing in talent acquisition: Enhancing employer branding and engaging a loyal talent pool.
  • Case study: Demonstrating MSP and VMS effectiveness in labor solutions, cost savings, compliance, and strategic management.
Benjamin Zeidler Photo AgileOne Logo

Stijn Laenen

Nippon Shokubai Europe

Head of Procurement

Evolving Procurement: Make it count

  • How the world of procurement is changing and how to adapt?
  • Purpose-driven Procurement: Make it count.
  • Strategic Partnerships with suppliers and stakeholders: We are in this together.
  • The new Procurement Talent: How to attract, retain and develop procurement talent?
Stijn Laenen Photo Nippon Shokubai Europe Logo

Frederic Jacquet


VP Procurement Industrial and Indirects

Industrial Contracts Management

  • Productivity: Wrench time (how to measure and implement)
  • EPC vs EPCm in Major Capex
  • Leveraging safety performance
  • Change order and cost management
Frederic Jacquet Photo Solvay Logo
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