Our Speakers

Andries Feikema

Royal DSM

Global Director Procurement Digitalization

Procurement organization’s secret to making a seamless transition to digital

  • Vision, mission, strategy: Procurement vision, mission, and strategy derived from the corporate vision, mission, and strategy
  • Digitalization: What is digitalization and how to run it successfully? Explaining the 12 Key Success Factors.
  • Digital program vision & Business Case: Key stakeholders have education, awareness, and buy-in Business case, business outcomes, benefits investment, and change.
  • Executive sponsorship: Executive advocate & champion of the program Evangelize the importance
  • Procurement Transformation: How affects digital business transformation.
  • Change management & Continuous Improvement: Understanding the barriers to change and how to run successful change management. It doesn’t stop after you completed your digital business transformation program as it transitions into business as usual and continuous improvement e.g. Digital Roadmap, Global Business Process Ownership, new ways of working.
Andries Feikema  Photo Royal DSM Logo

Daniel Rass

Porsche Holding

Head of International Procurement | Vice CPO

Scaling Category-Management in a Dezentral Organisation.

  • Introduction of complex Business-Model of Porsche Holding Salzburg
  • Impact on Organisation and chosen procurement setup
  • Effecitve Category-Management and its levers
  • Scaling Category-Know-How through a BI-Tool.
Daniel Rass Photo Porsche Holding Logo

Emilio Zambade

GEA Group AG

Head of Procurement processes & Digitalization

What you should not forget in your digitalization projects?

  • What skills do you need to implement a Digitalization Project?
  • What are your “must have” before you start to implement any Digitalization plan?
  • What will happen with the other team members who cannot onboard in the new Digital system?
  • What will your team do with the time they will save once the Digitalization is implemented?
  • Would you be willing to accept orders from an Algorithm?
Emilio Zambade Photo GEA Group AG Logo

Zakaria Sallak


Executive Director - R&D Procurement

How procurement can respond to inflation

  • The return of the inflationary market
  • Price components
  • Procurement strategies
Zakaria Sallak Photo Novartis Logo

Heliana Romanelli


Head Procurement EMEA Markets

Challenges of Sustainable Supply Chains.

  • Sustainable Business Model challenges for the FMCG industry.
  • Deep dive on Logistics Sustainability.
  • Main challenges, Enablers, Opportunities.
Heliana Romanelli Photo Unilever Logo

Marc Lachaise

EDF, France

Supply Chain Control Director

Managing a complex supply chain to deliver an energy construction project.

Any major project in the energy sector needs a robust supply chain. In large and long energy asset investments, like electrical power plants, managing a complex supply chain and its integration is a key success factor. The supply chain function is therefore key to selecting, aligning, and engaging in the long-term with all delivery partners on more than 150 contracts. End-to-end supply chain management in this sector.

  • Risk allocation and contract management.
  • Team organization and delivery
  • Reducing CO2 emissions in the supply chain.
  • Lesson learned and experienced from COVID and crisis management.
Marc Lachaise Photo EDF, France Logo
As procurement and supply chain management has become more complex than ever, it has become crucial to achieving cost and time savings and keeping expenditures under control. Along with a positive and strong supplier relationship, more and more organizations are automating their procurement process while transforming them into finished products delivered to end users. Pronovea is getting together global industry pioneers and inventors to discuss and exchange the best courses and strategic insights and to collaborate to help build solid relationships with suppliers apart from expense and time-saving.